About us

We are IBOSAP, a revolutionary AI platform that is taking the internet to a new level. We believe in the power of AI to positively shape the world.

Our vision is to help you improve your life and enrich society. We provide you with personalized and relevant information, protect your identity and privacy, organize your life areas, optimize your time, guarantee your safety and create your personal AI profile.

Our mission is to use advanced AI to enhance human capabilities, achieve more, and serve society. We stand for responsible innovation and technology for the benefit of all people.

Our intelligent biometric organizational AI software is designed to protect the environment and save us time, resources, and energy.Our most innovative feature is the IBOSAP AI Profile.

The IBOSAP AI Profile is your personal AI assistant that understands and supports you. It takes full control on behalf of the user, acting in their best interest and addressing their specific needs. It completes tasks, monitors the user's health, and anticipates upcoming tasks.

The AI profile acts as a trusted friend, representing the user's identity online and providing support, assistance and protection.The AI profile can also be used for businesses to increase their competitiveness and efficiency. This benefits all stakeholders: the environment, society and the economy.


Traditional methods of internet search are inefficient, costly and unreliable.

They require searching websites, typing keywords, using search engines or portals that often provide irrelevant or outdated information.

With IBOSAP you can forget about these methods. IBOSAP uses the most advanced AI technologies to provide you with a personalized AI profile that intelligently manages, analyzes and optimizes your online activities.

This profile learns from you and acts according to your goals.We live in innovative times that ask us to improve our lives and realize our potential.

IBOSAP creates a better world for people and businesses by enabling AI networks and agile organization. This benefits everyone: the environment, society, and the economy.We are IBOSAP, shaping the future of AI according to your needs. And you can be a part of it.

Let's revolutionize the world together with IBOSAP.

Join us and experience the future of AI innovation for a better world.